As the world moves away from fossil fuel and the policy environment promotes renewable energy, you can move confidently forward with custom clean energy solutions by partnering with Origis. Our team works with utility leaders in the U.S., European continent and now Latin America to deliver cost effective, community friendly and environmentally supportive solar power.

A custom solution to your unique energy needs can be achieved with a competitive solar project. Our team has carefully honed deep relationships with top tier solar equipment suppliers, vendors and financial leaders to empower us to deliver innovative solutions at competitive cost structures at the highest quality possible. You don’t have to sacrifice your objectives to a cookie cutter approach in order to achieve desirable energy cost metrics.

The benefits of solar energy for public sector and government entities are profound. By listening deeply to the needs of city, government and school leaders and building a sophisticated system to deliver solar projects worldwide, our team has successfully created solar facilities and power purchase agreements that work for large energy users and new solar pioneers.